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Let’s Meet Abby – Future Dentist

Posted September 30, 2015

dental-dentist-RDH-Hygiene-hygienistI am excited to announce that we will be having a new guest blogger writing about her experience in Dental School. Abby Halpern – pictured here at her recent White Coat Ceremony -is a second year dental student at Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine in Augusta, Georgia. She is also a legislative coordinator for the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). Abby will tell you about her experiences and her journey as she studies to become a dentist and joins us in the world of dental professionals.

As the daughter of a periodontist and a dental assistant, Abby grew up in the dental world. Leading up to her decision to go to dental school, she was involved in Georgia Mission of Mercy (GMOMs), interned at the American Dental Association’s Political Action Committee in Washington, D.C., and earned her Masters in Microbiology and Immunology at Georgetown University.

Abby’s decision to get her Masters was, in part, driven by her rejection from dental school and the feeling of not being qualified enough. When you ask about how she felt, she will tell you that while she was definitely disappointed, ultimately she’s grateful because her year off gave her the gift of passion. At first she wanted to be a dentist so she could have a good job in the healthcare space, but while working in Washington on dental policy, she realized that by improving dentistry through increased access to care or expanding research on dental pain, she could help groups of patients in addition to the patient sitting in her chair. This passion gave Abby the motivation to apply to dental school for a second time and gave a purpose to her life.

I look back at my time in dental hygiene school as such a significant part of my life. While I was in school, I formed relationships that made a huge impact on my life today. You’ve heard me talk about Ms. Heather Mapp who has been an important mentor and friend. I still work with her today through the Dental Hygiene Seminars that she started while she was my dental hygiene professor.

Think back to your time in dental assistant school, dental hygiene school, dental school or even high school. You may be in classes now preparing for your career, working while in school, or finishing up school and looking for your first job. If so, how can we help you?

Hopefully, you can learn from Abby’s experiences or just have fun watching her progress. Look out for Abby’s upcoming blogs, photos, and videos!