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Did you know that one of the best ways to promote your orthodontic practice is to launch a social media page? With social media, you can find a way to leverage everything that is unique about your practice. You can also strengthen your bond with existing patients and build a new one with potential clients.

Here are some marketing ideas for your orthodontic practice’s social media page.

Go for Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform where you can gain visibility and attract new patients. Sharing your knowledge with your customers as well as industry professionals is a great way to bring in new business.

Make a business page on Facebook and get it verified. Apart from regular posts, use specific Facebook Ads that will help you target potential clients. 

Here are some marketing ideas that you can run on Facebook:

  • Why Should You Consider Getting Braces?
  • Post dental care tips like how to care for dental braces
  • Links to the company’s blog and other news updates
  • Share your company culture by putting pictures of your team at work
  • Fun contests 
  • Promotional activities
  • Resources that can be helpful to the patients

Make it Visual with Instagram

Instagram is a visual medium, so ensure you have a well-curated Instagram feed that will attract new clients. Create a business page and learn how to use hashtags effectively. 

Since Instagram allows you to market through pictures only, share images that will help build a positive side of your brand and services. However, do not overuse Instagram’s image filters.

Some marketing ideas for Instagram are:

  • Put ‘behind-the-scenes’ images of your practice
  • Before and after images of patients’ smile, but make sure you take their permission
  • Events conducted by your practice 

Use Share Buttons

When your customers talk about your orthodontic services, it is great publicity. But you have to make sure that people can actually share your website and blog posts. 

Ensure you have share buttons located in the top navigation bar and footer. They should also be present at the bottom of each blogpost and in sidebars. 

Share Customer Testimonials

Patients who have used your services can be great ambassadors for your business. Ask them for quotes or testimonials. Post them on your website and social media pages. 

For instance, if someone got orthodontist braces at your practice, ask them to give a testimonial about how they liked the experience. 

Make it Fun!

Orthodontic treatment can be scary but that shouldn’t translate to your social media page. Rather, make your page fun because that’s what people come on social media for.

Put up fun surveys that revolve around dental care, take interesting polls, organize test quizzes and post the results online. As long as you make the social media page fun and interesting, you can engage the visitors. 

The important thing is to create and share interesting and informative content on your social media page. Don’t worry – not everything has to serious and educational. As long as the content adds value to your patients, the page will do great. 

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