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A survey commissioned by an online employment website has found that 37 percent of hiring managers use social networking sites to research job applicants, with over 65 percent of that group using Facebook as their primary resource. Hopefully you have taken the time to look at your own Facebook page from the viewpoint of your prospective employer and made any needed adjustments accordingly. I KNOW that party with your girlfriends was so much fun and everyone loved the selfies but what would really enrich your life right now is your dream job so edit away. 65% of those hiring said they are looking to see how professionally you are presenting yourself. SO…that being said a bit of editing might be on today’s To Do List.

The next action item should be to use Facebook to research the business page of the dental office where you will soon have an interview. Here are five specific areas you will most likely be privy to so you can talk knowledgeably on the subject:

1. Their involvement in the community through fundraisers or service organizations
2. Their latest in office promotion such as whitening or New Patient specials
3. Points of pride – what they celebrate in terms of patient accomplishments or points of pride for their patients.
4. Their philosophy on health and wellness
5. Videos that show office systems or techniques under patient education

So three steps:
1.) Edit your own FB page
2.) Look up the FB page of the dental practice where you will be interviewing
3.) Find the FB page of the dentist (or dentists) and the Office Manager

And then it goes without saying of course that you have studied carefully the full website of the dental practice. You know the number of team members, the office history, the number of locations and their Mission Statement. It will be worth every minute you spend to land the job of your dreams. I promise you will get the best when you give it your best.

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