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Our world is changing so fast. Making sense of this ever-evolving digital world is a challenge. Yes, even in dentistry digital labor will be a factor.

The forecast is enough to make your head spin. The business process and computer intelligence has been converging. The jobs that were done by humans and business processes will now be done faster and with fewer errors. For instance, take the task of checking in patients, or filing insurance. These are task in the dental office that are being replaced.

Take Uber or Airbnb for instance. These companies disrupted the hospitality and transportation industries overnight. These companies could not have done this without the internet, mobile phones, cloud computing and big data. It took many stages for these disruptions to develop.

We can’t ignore these changes and developments that are coming our way. It’s hard to know where to begin or how to manage all the useful tools to make our work more productive and efficient.

I believe how we hire has many stages. Many people make the mistake of just posting a job looking for a warm body to fill a spot. The hiring process has become more sophisticated with many factors in making a decision to hire a better fit for your team.

DentalPost takes the pain out of hiring by putting the processes in one place. Adding your team’s core values in a job ad will help you hire a better fit. Core values are just one of many factors in hiring that can attract the right and repel the wrong.

Personality testing is an important tool that adds tremendous value. Think about all the intangible cost of hiring. Writing the ad, placing the ad, setting up the interviews, conducting the interviews, paying the person time to do this. Then after all that, you have to figure out if they are a cultural fit for your team!

What if you could save time and money and use a process with a matching algorithm and use data to make the hiring decision? Instead of rolling the dice on feelings, use information. DentalPost has done this. We have made it easy for you to hire right, giving you the power to use data on our site to cut down on your time. Think about it this way, coaches in the NFL don’t draft players without looking at all the player’s stats. This gives them the advantage to win. Hiring your team should be the same way, use data to make a better hiring decision.

We have automated the search process with a personality test, core values, culture, and skills assessments. The smart companies will start aligning the wishes and wants of their companies of their team members. Providing a win-win and longevity with their new hires.

Recently I went to Los Angeles and attended a METal event. METal is a group of progressive Entrepreneurs that stand for the Media, Entertainment and Technology community. The event I attended had the 4th smartest man in the world teach us about his company, Scorpion Computer Services. Walter O’Brien is a 42-year-old billionaire who hires genius’ with IQ’s over 150 to solve problems. At age 9 he broke into the FBI and NASA, which lead to them hiring him! His company was the one who helped bring an end to the hunt for the Boston bomber.

He spoke about emotional intelligence vs IQ in hiring. He hires people with IQ’s over 150 to solve problems and hires people with high EI to run the business and marketing. He spoke about how he figured out quickly that it was not a good idea to hire a genius to deal with the people side of the business. He also said people with high EI were more likely to be wealthier than people with high IQ.

Companies that take advantage of these tools and processes become more successful. They save time, money, and productivity. They also have an improvement in all around team members job satisfaction which will lead to happier customers.

Research shows that companies who adapt to new ideas and best practices determine the organization’s growth, productivity and success.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”

-Charles Darwin

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