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Is Your Office Environment Supporting Your Practice Culture?


Does Your Office Environment Reflect Your Practice Culture?

Have you ever walked into an office and it just felt tired and neglected with old décor and sad, outdated furniture and fixtures? Two-year-old magazines and the same old pictures […]

Tija Hunter
Tija Hunter

Posted May 09, 2022

teamwork or ego

Ego is the Enemy of Collaboration. Here are 3 Ways to Get Past It.

Whether you’ve worked 10 days or 20 years, we likely all have a good ego story, whether it’s an embarrassing personal experience or an experience we had with a colleague […]

Tonya Lanthier, RDH
Tonya Lanthier, RDH

Posted February 16, 2021

Emotional intelligience is the key to a successful workplace

5 Ways to Handle a Difficult Coworker

Every working professional runs into a problematic coworker eventually. It’s simply the odds of working with other people. Not everyone you work with will mesh or vibe with your personality […]

The DentalPost Team
The DentalPost Team

Posted May 10, 2019