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Working in the dental industry, you can often feel very small in the grand scheme of dental professionals at large. You might have strong relationships with the dental professionals at your practice, but there’s no reason to limit your connections to the practice you’re working with. Here at DentalPost, we wanted to offer a way to connect dental professionals, consultants, and entrepreneurs to foster meaningful connections, start thought-provoking discussions, and create a community of like-minded professionals.

So, how important is it to be part of a professional community group, anyway? Studies have shown that profession-based groups and communities can expand your networking, education, and job-seeking efforts. Unexpected benefits from profession-based groups are the unity and trust it can create, not to mention a healthy dose of professional competition here and there.

What’s the DentalPosters Difference?

Along with all of the fantastic benefits of a profession-based community, DentalPosters takes it one step further. By hyper-localizing our groups, members have the opportunity to understand exactly what’s going on in their specific area as well as nationwide events and seminars. This could be continued education courses, volunteer opportunities, or simply recognizing a practice near you. The local-focused groups also tackle important conversations specific to your area or state, like state-specific laws regarding licenses. Being a local group, this also gives you the unique opportunity to meet up with fellow members in-person to discuss industry trends, job-seeking advice, or just to chat with someone who understands you and your profession!

At DentalPost, we believe there’s strength in numbers and comfort in communities. Join your local DentalPosters group and start learning, networking, and discussing hot topics with your new colleagues! Search for “Dental Posters – [city]” in the Facebook search bar to find a group near you.

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