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DentalPost’s Top Dental Practices celebrates the very best in dentistry every year. In 2017, we chose three outstanding practices, focusing on employee benefits, leadership, and quality of care.

It was particularly tough to choose practices this year! From the use of cutting-edge technology to philanthropy and community involvement, these dental practices earned their spot through hard work and dedication. As such, we think they deserve public recognition.

In no particular order, the winners of our Top Dental Practices of 2018 are listed below.

Top Dental Practices of 2018

Category: Best Overall
Winner: Athens TLC Dental — Athens, GA
Nominated by: Ellen Lusk
Time with Practice: 1 Year

Why Ellen Loves Athens TLC Dental: “I feel like I’m a part of more than just a dental practice or a team, but a part of a great cause because the team is compassionate, humble, driven, and chooses to put patients FIRST before their own wants or needs whether that means working through lunch or staying late. We truly strive to give the best TLC each and every day.”

Category: Large Corporate Practice
Winner: King Chavez Health Center — Dental Department — San Diego, CA
Nominated by: Shirin A. Dorin
Time with Practice: 3 Years

Why Shirin Loves King Chavez Health Center: “I work at this community clinic. We see patients from impoverished areas of San Diego who are challenged financially and in their health. I have worked at corporate dentistry and have owned my own practices. This job has been the most rewarding—also the most challenging, but very rewarding. We have paid vacations, sick leave, and CE courses paid.”

Category: Mid-Level Practice
Winner: Sturz & Abby Pediatric Dentistry – Bakersfield, CA
Nominated by: Talia Valenzuela
Time with Practice: 9 Years

Why Talia Loves Sturz & Abby Pediatric Dentistry: “I stay because we are not just co-workers, we are family and everyone looks out for one another.”

Category: Small / Private Practice
Winner: Ross Dental Group – Fairfield, OH
Nominated by: Amy Metzger
Time with Practice: 3.5 Years

Why Amy Loves Ross Dental Group: “I am valued and my entire team has my back. My office understands that I am a mother first and accommodates our lives. Everyone who works in our office realizes how valuable that is and we don’t feel disposable and or replaceable at a moment’s notice. We are highly rewarded for our dedication to the team.”

Category: Children & Family Practice
Winner: Dubuque Pediatric Dentistry – Dubuque, IA
Nominated by: Christina Wernimont
Time with Practice:14 Years

Why Christina Loves Dubuque Pediatric Dentistry: “I feel like I am treated like part of a team and not just an employee.”

Category: Team & Office Culture
Winner: Dentistry at Kennesaw Point – Kennesaw, GA
Nominated by: Debra Robinson
Time With Practice: 1 Year

Why Debra Loves Dentistry at Kennesaw Point: “This is a very caring practice that goes above and beyond to help our patients in every aspect, from care and treatment to financial assistance. We all work as a team to make our practice the best in delivering exceptional dental care!”

Category: Technology
Winner: Devine Dentistry PLLC – Nashville, TN
Nominated by: Lyndee Baker
Time With Practice: 21 Years

Why Lyndee Loves Devine Dentistry PLLC: “Dr Devine is an amazing team leader. And we have a wonderful team! We all love each other like family. We also really enjoy our patients. The benefits are great as well. Dr. Devine provides technology and training to help us become better professionals.”

Category: Professional Growth & Development
Winner: Blodgett Dental Care – Portland, OR
Nominated by: Kelsey Miller
Time With Practice: 3 Months

Why Kelsey Loves Blodgett Dental Care: “The level of learning and growth that happens every day with this team makes me want to stay because I know I will become the best practitioner I can be.”

Category: Philanthropy & Community Involvement
Winner: Smile Cabarrus — Harrisburg, NC
Nominated by: Donna Morrow
Time With Practice: 6 Months

Why Donna Loves Smile Cabarrus: “A hygienist that worked at Smile Cabarrus was a former patient of mine since she was a small child and shadowed me in high school. She told the dentist and office manager about me, as they were needing a part-time hygienist. They hired me and I have now become full-time and have over 175 loyal patients that have followed me to this office and feel as welcome as I do! Amazing bunch of dental professionals!”

Category: Excellent Leadership
Winner: GPS Dental — San Antonio, TX
Nominated by: Jeannette Rodriguez
Time With Practice: 15 Months

Why Jeannette Loves GPS Dental: “I feel that this is the place for me because Dr. Skrobanek is an honest individual. He cares about his patients along with his staff. He’s a family man and is always understanding. He’s so compassionate about what he does. It’s about helping his patients and treating them with the greatest customer service. Even if the person walking in is not a patient, we treat them with kindness and make sure they are okay. Dr. Skrobanek gives every patient the same amount of time and his full attention. He’s a great person, boss, and doctor.”

To everyone who submitted their practice: thank you! It was great to get a peek into the wonderful and hard working dental offices around the country.

We’ll be looking to honor practices again next year. Be sure to follow us on our FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter to find out when you can submit your practice and earn a spot in the Top Dental Practices of 2019.

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