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As the Pankey Cross of Dentistry implores us: “Know Yourself, Know Your Work, Know Your Patient, Apply Your Knowledge, and you will experience both a Spiritual as well as a Material reward.” Clearly, taking time to establish a strong relationship with your patient family – one person and one procedure at a time – and developing a sense of trust through competent care and education is key.

Today’s technology certainly enhances our ability to build trust. Through advancements like cutting-edge patient education software or the intra-oral camera, we, as clinicians, can inform our patients about their oral wellness more easily, more proficiently, and with more impact, than ever before!

Traditionally, patient education software systems have been pricey, desktop or work-station based options. Today’s iPad and tablet products, however, have made the world of dynamic and informative video education presentations more accessible and more affordable than ever.

One of the best series of time-proven patient education videos is available from Dr. Gordon Christensen’s Practical Clinical Courses. These programs are unique, in that – unlike most video presentations of 60-90 seconds – they run about nine minutes in length and cover all the requirements of informed consent, including treatment alternatives, pros and cons of each, cost of each, and what may happen if treatment isn’t rendered. By purchasing this system or a similar one for use on a tablet, your practice can enter the world of high-tech patient education at minimal expense.

On the other hand, the intra-oral camera has enabled us, as never before, to not only educate the patient, but to document pre-existing conditions and treatment progress as well. The “return on investment” for an intra-oral camera system is usually made back within one week in most practices, if used properly. Helping the patient “see what we see” is beyond informative! Usually, the patient asks, “Goodness, can you fix that?!?”

Technology: enhancing our ability to build patient trust in an ever-changing marketplace! How have technological advancements helped you improve and grow your business? Tell us on the DentalPost Facebook Page.

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