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Assessment is the Key to Building Your Periodontal Toolbox 

May 21, 2024



How many times have you started to clean your patients’ teeth and discovered severe bleeding, heavy biofilm, or worse recurrent decay? Using the assessment phase as a guide will enable us to formulate a dental hygiene diagnosis, develop a treatment plan, select interventions, and evaluate our progress. In this CE webinar, we will discuss the benefits of completing the assessment phase of ADPIE. We will emphasize the critical role a complete medical history, periodontal exam, radiographs, and biofilm assessment play in your patients’ oral health. As dental hygienists, we have the power to motivate, enhance and elevate our patient care and it all starts with a complete assessment!

During this CE webinar, we will:

  • Learn how to communicate your assessment findings with your patient effectively
  • Acquire knowledge of appropriate assessment strategies, techniques, and tools to collect and record relevant data
  • Review oral health indices for the identification, monitoring and treatment planning of high-risk individuals


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