Bonding and Bleaching: Minimally Invasive Treatments for Maximum Patient Outcomes

Bonding and Bleaching: Minimally Invasive Treatments for Maximum Patient Outcomes

Sep 01, 2021




With the move toward minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatments and the ever-expanding variety of products on the market today, an array of choices is now available for bonding and bleaching protocols which will afford the clinician with a predictable, safe, and effective means to restore and whiten a patient’s natural dentition. The versatility of these products has additional revenue generating potential which can greatly assist many patients who are not necessarily interested in aesthetic enhancement. This presentation will outline the most up-to-date materials, procedures, and protocols, dispel the myths, and reveal many outside-the-box marketing strategies that exist for the contemporary dental practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the most common etiological causes of tooth pathology and discoloration and the treatment options available to patients for treatment with these conditions.
  • Review the factors which contribute to the efficacy and predictability of the various tooth whitening protocols and minimally invasive restorative options in the treatment of natural dentition.
  • Investigate many of the widely held dogmas and myths surrounding current tooth whitening techniques and clinical recommendations.
  • Establish streamlined protocols utilizing universal injectable resins for systematized chairside and benchtop restorative procedures in conjunction with evidence-based methods for in-office and take-home tooth whitening strategies to improve successful aesthetic/hygienic dental outcomes for existing patient base.