Crown Lengthening – How it WILL Enhance Your Restorative Results

Crown Lengthening – How it WILL Enhance Your Restorative Results

Jul 30, 2021



Frustrated by dealing with subgingival margins? Difficult to obtain adequate impressions on the first try?

This two-hour live webinar can provide clinicians with the confidence to better understand and solve these problems. Besides offering basic surgical solutions, participants will have a chance to develop a thought process to help validate the decision of choosing treatment over extraction. The concepts discussed will facilitate the goal of excellence and show a predictable way to avoid an automatic default to titanium with every challenging situation.

Whether you are doing crown lengthening procedures yourself or referring them out to a colleague, this live webinar will help you to better understand and deal with common everyday restorative challenges. Discussion will include diagnostic criteria, treatment choices, the role of provisionals, methods for achieving patient comfort, and obtaining the required “Biologic Width”.

A treatment planning section will share clinical and radiographic examples to expose clinicians to the types of cases that have benefited from using this approach, and give each participant the chance to see where these principles can be applied to actual cases. There also will be time for questions via “Chat”.

  1. Crown Lengthening Indications
    1. Fractured cusps
    2. caries
    3. Previously placed deep margins
    4. Esthetic applications
  2. Relationship of bone to crown margin- a key parameter
  3. Biologic width – how it helps with decision making
  4. Ferrule effect – to extract or treat?
  5. Red flags
    1. Red gums
    2. Sore gums
    3. Sensitive teeth
    4. Radiographic appearance – what can we learn from the x-ray?
  6. Decision making for anterior esthetic applications
  7. Treatment planning – case examples
At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:
  1. Understand indications and limitations for Crown Lengthening
  2. Learn how to make predictable impressions every time
  3. Considerations for patient comfort
  4. How to save chair time and frustrations
  5. Understand causes of red gum tissue and how to prevent it

To register by phone, please call (603) 736-9200