Dental Practice Act and Infection Control

Dental Practice Act and Infection Control

Oct 01, 2021

MCAS Miramar Commissioned Officer’s Club


This interactive seminar meets requirements for California Dental Practice Act education with a DBC Approved Provider, Title 16, CCR, Section 1016 and 1017. This course also satisfies the one-time education requirement for unlicensed dental assistants.
Course targets information and updates to the Dental Practice Act regulations, and other statutory mandates relating to the practice of dentistry in California. Topics include: information on the governing bodies in California of the practice of dentistry, utilization and scope of practice for dentists and auxiliaries, laws governing the prescribing of drugs, requirements for the renewal of a license, mandated reporters’ responsibilities, violations of the Dental Practice Act, unprofessional conduct, and advertising.

This course combines information from DBC, CDC and Cal/OSHA to provide a relevant, in depth and up-to-date examination of Infection Control guidelines and recommendations, for implementing and maintaining an effective Infection Control program, to prevent the spread of disease in any healthcare facility. This seminar meets the CE requirements specific to amended CCR section 1005, the dental board of California infection control regulations. Describe and implement latest CA minimum standards for infection control within their own practices to protect staff and patients from disease and injury. Design and create required infection control protocols processing of instruments, operatory breakdown and cleanliness, management of injuries, general housekeeping. New trends in products and practices relating infection control topics – intermediate-level disinfection, sterilization validation, and personal protective wear.

  • Broad knowledge of the governing bodies in California and a clear understanding of requirements set forth by the California Dental Practice Act and how it applies to their dental career and practice management.
  • Understand and apply current and up-to-date DBC business practices that meet ethical parameters throughout all areas of the dental industry.
  • Register with online resources available to all DHCP to communicate with regulatory boards to provide and receive current and accurate information from dental boards.
  • Infection Control requirements and recommendations set forth by DBC, CDC, Cal/OSHA review and updates from DBC Sec. 1005, 2019, CDC Disinfection and Sterilization Guidelines 2008 and Cal/OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens.
  • Create and implement Infection control protocols in their dental or facility, based on DBC, CDC and Cal/OSHA requirements and recommendations, to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Educate and train all DHCP on proper methods of disinfection and sterilization as it applies to their practice or facility.
About Ms. Diane Arns

Ms. Diane E. Arns is an accredited CE Provider with the Dental Board of California, and since 2006 a member of the California Dental Association’s “Recommended Speakers Bureau”. In addition, Diane is also an “Authorized Trainer” for Federal & Cal-OSHA Outreach Training. Diane Arns, BS, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business from San Francisco State University and a Teaching Credential from California State University, Sacramento, with over 20 years of experience in education. In 2001, Diane founded Superior Office Safety to create and present up-to-date, interactive, and relevant continuing education in topics required by the Dental Board of California and Cal/OSHA. Continuing Education courses specialize in the areas of Infection Control, California Dental Practice Act, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, and Injury and Illness Prevention Programs. Course descriptions attached. In 2012, Diane created and implemented Sterilization and Infection Control Protocols and Management of Injuries Plans for CDA Cares Free Dental Clinics!