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Hydroxyapatite: A Fresh Approach to Remineralization Discussing the Evidence on Hydroxyapatite Use in Oral Care Products

Jun 25, 2024


Date: June 25, 2024 | 8:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM CST
Duration: 1 Hour
Credits: 1
Sponsor: RiseWell
Cost: Free

Take a fresh approach on your remineralizing oral care ingredients by exploring the non-toxic and biocompatible mineral, hydroxyapatite. Discovered by NASA in the 1970s to effectively aid in our astronaut’s bone repair and teeth remineralization, this mineral has since become the gold standard and active anti-caries agent used in Japan as well as several other countries. This course will take a deep dive on the 40+ years of clinical evidence behind HA’s efficacy, discuss particle size and safety, as well as uncover a few surprising facts in its numerous comparisons to fluoride. Be proactive in educating yourself and patients on the rising trend of non-toxic and effective product formulations available in the dental industry today – Register now!

Learning Objectives

Participants will be shown:

  • Develop an understanding of the mineral, hydroxyapatite, where it is sourced, and its biocompatibility within the body.
  • Discuss the history of HA use in oral care products and why we are beginning to see it emerge as a viable remineralizing ingredient in the United States.
  • To evaluate an array of peer-reviewed, published clinical literature and studies on the efficacy and use of hydroxyapatite for various remineralization and sensitivity concerns.
  • Create a comparative awareness of the different HA particle sizes used in oral care products, their safety, and guidelines for responsible use.
  • Provide clinically-proven education on non-toxic remineralization that can be effectively communicated to patients.


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