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Learn Why Thousands of Larger Dental Practices Joined Invisible Dental Support Organizations in 2023

Mar 14, 2024



Thousands of larger dental practices, both GP and specialty, quietly partnered with Invisible Dental Support Organizations (IDSOs) in 2023. Doctors sold 51% to 80% of their practice for millions of dollars in cash at today’s low tax rates. They continue to lead their practice as an owner for years or decades with their brand, team and full autonomy. Doctors can now benefit from the resources of a larger silent partner to grow bigger, faster and more profitably with fewer admin headaches.

IDSOs pay less for everything and are being reimbursed at higher rates than independent dentists. Doctors also benefit from recruiting and marketing assistance which independent dentists cannot match. Over 1000 IDSOs are now operating in all 50 states and LPS is setting record values for growing client practices nationally. In this fast paced 59-minute webinar you will learn:

• Why an IDSO may or may not be a fit for you
• What is driving doctors as young as 30 to partner with an IDSO today
• The risks and rewards of IDSO partnership
• When is the right time to consider IDSO partnership
• What happens when a competitor or a referral source joins an IDSO?

The business of dentistry is changing rapidly. You owe it to yourself to at least understand what is coming to your area or already there now. If you have a larger practice, the old doctor buy in/buy out model is not your most valuable path. You will ultimately join an IDSO or compete with many.