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Management of Complex Orthodontic Cases Through Remote Monitoring

Nov 10, 2022


The success of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors. Beyond the skill, experience, and knowledge of the orthodontist, the management of complex treatments requires the control of external factors, usually difficult to monitor, such as patient compliance, early detection of problems, and continuous communication. These external factors are almost impossible to manage properly with the traditional long appointment intervals we have been taught to apply. Remote monitoring powered by artificial intelligence offers a way to bridge this gap and proactively manage treatment to maintain clinical control and improve outcomes.

What you will learn during this webinar :

  • Identify the challenges associated with the traditional way of managing orthodontic treatment.
  • Understand the concept of proactively managing complex treatments
  • Understand the different clinical situations that could lead to treatment deterioration and how to manage them
  • Understand how to leverage digital communication to keep patients engaged.
  • Understand how to increase the predictability of the appointments.
  • Understand how to improve treatment efficiency, patient-doctor relationship, treatment quality.