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Oral Pain: No Shots, No Pills, No Gels… Just Erased!

Dec 13, 2022



Needle phobia and fears around oral pain continue to remain the leading causes of dental anxiety and phobias in the United States. What’s more: common challenges associated with traditional pain management strategies such as anesthesia failure, patient anxieties, low pain tolerances and infection can readily complicate the dental experience for patients and providers alike. Join anesthesia expert Katrina Sanders as she encourages you to ‘put down the syringe’ and pick up the newest oral pain management system you need on your dental tray. Give your patients a reason to smile with Synapse Dental Pain Eraser!

Review neuroanatomy, the physiology of pain and the science behind the Gate Control Theory
Evaluate risks associated with current local anesthetic agents
Discuss the physiology of hard and soft oral tissue and Hydrodynamic Theory
Discover clinical applications for futuristic trends in nonpharmacologic oral pain management