Predictable Obturation: Sealing the Deal with Bioceramics

Predictable Obturation: Sealing the Deal with Bioceramics

May 13, 2021



This webinar gets to the root of obturation difficulties dentists face. There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than completing a root canal and looking at the final radiograph wondering: Why is there a void? Why is the obturation short/long? Why is there a huge sealer puff? And 6-12 months later, thinking “The fill looks dense, but why isn’t the apical lesion healing?”

To answer these questions, we will take a closer look at our endodontic goals. We will consider the ideal properties of obturation materials to help us achieve our goals. A discussion of bioceramic sealers will highlight a paradigm shift in endodontics—a shift from “gutta-percha based obturation” to “sealer-based obturation”. Can “single cone obturation” change its reputation? Is it a hasty shortcut or a best-kept secret? Finally, we will discuss how cold obturation techniques can provide predictable results and ultimately benefit our patients without the need for elaborate or expensive equipment.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this webinar, participants will be able to: 
» Identify the goals of endodontic therapy

» Understand myths related to obturation

» Consider ideal properties of obturation materials, including bioceramics

» Learn techniques for predictable obturation every time

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