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The Business of Dentistry Conference 2024

Jan 12, 2024 - Jan 13, 2024



Improving Practice Efficiency, Scheduling, and Overhead Being a dentist is hard. Running a business is far more difficult, especially since many of us don’t get the level of training necessary to run them well. Many factors are affecting dentists nationwide: lower insurance reimbursement, corporate growth, inflation, and employee challenges. Today, to compete in the dental industry means knowing how to run a successful business as much as knowing the clinical aspects. If you feel like running the business is what always causes stress and problems, then it is time to change how you run your business. While many will talk about efficiency, scheduling, and overhead as distinct concepts, they are intertwined together in multiple ways. When you modify one it changes the others. Efficiency is more about reducing unnecessary steps than it is about working faster. When you learn to be more efficient, you can do more in the same amount of time and feel less stressed and worn out. Less steps and a better schedule naturally lead to decreased overhead costs, not to mention finding multiple ways to get the same results for lower costs. You really can run your office successfully without all the stress and failures that many dentists continue to face every day. Let us show you the way. Understanding Dental Insurance Are you ready to learn how to avoid most of your insurance problems? Does insurance drive you and your team crazy? Most offices in the country deal with dental insurance, whether in or out of network. This course will help teach you simple and practical steps to reach a better understanding of insurance and how you can manage the process. Through a review of some of the most common dental office misconceptions, Dr. Campbell will pull back the curtain into what is possible to achieve both efficiency and profitability · Understand the insurance process · Bust Common Myths in Dental Insurance · Have more accurate estimates for patients · Learn how to avoid most denials · Open your eyes to the possibilities, whether in or out of network. Financial Success for a Practice Owner’s Business & Personal Gain This presentation exposes the obstacles that stand in the way of practice expansion and personal financial success for the practice owner and presents a game plan on what can be done to create an owner-independent practice and translate the practice profits into the owner’s household seamlessly and efficiently. · 5 Key areas of the practice that create the most value · How to reorganize practice expenses so you can get more control · A proven system that has the practice pay for your personal goals · How to use the tax code and asset protection tools to safeguard your wealth · Who you need on your team to help navigate the journey of building a successful practice and personal wealth Raving Patients: Get Visible, Get Credible: Get More New Patients Word of mouth has always been the foundation for the acquisition of new patients by a dental practice but in our internet age, word of mouth is transformed because of reviews sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Online reviews are now one of the biggest ranking factors in a local search. Being credible is only one piece of the puzzle though. Your practice also needs to be found online when people are searching for a dentist near them. Are you at the top of the Google Map Pack? If not, you are invisible and all of those great reviews are not doing you much good. In this seminar, Dr. Tau shares numerous tips and best practices to not only become credible but visible online. He will also discuss the system that has been tried and tested in his own office enabling him to take his practice to the next level simply by marketing his reputation. · Understand the importance of taking control of your online presence · Learn software programs that help manage your reputation · See why your practice may not be ranking as high as it could be · Discuss ways in which patient reviews can manifest online · Develop strategies for garnering positive patient reviews · Review team training tips for garnering positive feedback Dental Tax Savings Strategies Taxes are the single largest expense for most dentists but can also be the most significant source of savings and financial improvement. However, it is estimated that over 95% of dentists overpay on their taxes due to a need for more understanding of the complex tax system. This presentation aims to provide dentists with strategies for saving money on taxes and improving their financial lives as well as discover ways to reduce the costs of working with an accountant. Additionally, explore tax-advantaged wealth management strategies that can help them retire earlier and with a higher lifetime income. This presentation is specifically designed for dentists who own their practices and want to take control of their finances, legally reduce their tax burden, and increase their net worth. It is based on decades of experience performing accounting and tax functions for dental practices and includes specific tax-saving strategies used by many dental practices across the country. The presentation also covers key elements of financial statements and strategies for defending against an IRS audit. Sample documents and plain language explanations are included to help doctors implement tax-saving strategies and increase operational efficiency. These strategies are legal and outlined in the tax code but are often not used by those with less expertise and experience in the dental profession. · Identify the causes of dentists paying more tax than they legally have to. · Quantify the negative effects of these tax overpayments on dental practice. · Explore specific strategies to get rid of tax overpayments legally. Proper Use of Legal Entities for Lawsuit Protection and Tax Reduction. Learn how to stop the threat of lawsuits before they ever get started by protecting your assets in time tested and proven legal structures. These same structures allow us to help our tax attorneys save what you would normally pay in income taxes. These are little known tax helps that have significant case history and have stood the test of time.