You Can’t Afford to Pick the Wrong Intraoral Scanner

You Can’t Afford to Pick the Wrong Intraoral Scanner

Aug 25, 2021



Integrating intraoral scanning into the practice requires a commitment to changing the way one practices and a significant financial investment. There’s nothing worse than having technology that’s sitting in a closet, collecting dust, while you haven’t finished paying it off! Finding the right scanner for your practice, implementing smooth training, and integrating the technology into your current workflow is essential. This interactive pop-up event will discuss the history of intraoral scanning, recent innovations, considerations for the selection of a scanner, and tips for clinical success. You will have all your questions answered during this event and this event is a must for anyone that’s considering introducing intraoral scanning into their practice.

  • Learn features of modern intraoral scanning technology
  • Feel confident when selecting a scanner for their practices
  • Learn strategies for smooth implementation
  • Discover the potential improvements that intraoral scanning brings to the practice