Office For Sale in S of Redding, CA

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Beautiful Northern CA - GP FOR SALE BY OWNER!

S of Redding, CA 55555
Posted May 7, 2021
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Brand New Listing FOR SALE BY OWNER Beautiful Northern CA! STRONG Post COVID numbers: Averaged $80,000= production for July through February! Newly listed FOR SALE BY OWNER is a long established and profitable GP in Northern CA. There are 4 well equipped operatories inside the 2000 sq ft free standing office. Production for 2019 was $718,400 while working on over 1200 active patients (34% FFS, 66% PPO) 4 days a week. There is plenty of work to be done, and production has gone down a little from 2018 ($850,000) due to the doctor having some personal health related issues, also the reason they are selling. There is lots of room to grow the hygiene department as well, currently only about 13% of production comes from there.  Please fill out the short form at to sign our standard NDA and we will gladly send you the Practice Profile with all of the details!