Will Social Media Get Your Office New Patients? No!

This may get me in trouble with the marketing gurus I know and respect. For that, I am sorry (sort of). I think any dental office that focuses their attention on social media to get new patients will be sorely disappointed. Before the marketing masterminds get too upset with me, I want to explain. If […]

5 Ways to Make Hiring (Almost) Painless

Firing and hiring is probably the least favorite part of the job for most dentists and office managers.  In fact, some dentists dread this process so much they hold onto employees too long to avoid firing someone.  Not only is it unpleasant to have to fire an employee, it also triggers the dreaded hiring process. […]

What Do You Need to Know About Ordering Dental Supplies?

Given that I’ve been an office manager for over 10 years, you would think I would have everything in my dental office running perfectly or at the very least know everything that is going on in every department. However, as an office manager, I am more of a “jack of all trades, master of none,” […]

How Long Should You Keep Trying to Reactivate Patients?

I’m asked this question a lot by the dental office managers and owners that I meet and my answer may surprise you. First, let me emphasize how important it is to make sure that all your patients leave your office with their next appointment scheduled. This is more than a preference—it should be your office […]

The Myth of “My Patients Have No Money”

Here is an important thing to understand about your patients who say they “just don’t have the money” for the dental work they need… Most of your patients really do have enough money to cover their dental health needs. They just choose to spend it on other things. We have to recognize that our patients […]

Can You Move a Patient’s Appointment?

Yes! With the right training, communication, and follow-through, there is absolutely no reason that patients cannot be moved to help make the schedule the best it can be.  In fact, when done correctly, I actually encourage it.  Before you start moving patients to maximize your schedule, there are a few things that you need to […]

Importance of Next Appointment Notes

Every patient should be leaving the office with their next appointment scheduled. However, there is one more important step that should happen besides booking the appointment, and that is putting in good appointment notes. When booking a patient’s appointment, it is important that staff add notes into the appointment screen detailing what the appointment is […]

Who Sets The Mood of the Practice?

Of course we all have our good days and our bad days—we’re only human. The same is true for your office and your team as a whole. There are great days when it seems like everyone is on the same page, having fun, working hard… and then there are those days when it is miserable […]

Turning a Compliment into a Referral or a Review

If your office is offering the best dental care and amazing customer service, then you are hearing compliments from your patients each and every day. The question is, are you making the most of those compliments? Many times, offices miss the opportunity to turn a patient compliment into a referral or a review. There are […]

Success for Your Dental Office: How to Take Control

I travel around the country and talk to a ton of dentists and dental teams. I hear so much about how things are so hard. Why things are not going right. Too much competition. My staff can’t sell. Patients don’t have money. Everyone is insurance-driven. The economy stinks. I am not denying that some of […]