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To continue to grow and thrive, dental practices must invest in marketing. There are many avenues that can be a part of a successful dental marketing strategy, including efforts that can be handled within the office, like blogging, posting on social media, asking for reviews, sharing referral programs and special offers, and more.


It can be overwhelming for one person to try to handle these responsibilities on their own.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if the entire team could get involved?

Unfortunately, your team may have some barriers to supporting the practice’s marketing efforts. Perhaps they weren’t hired with that expectation. Maybe they’ve gotten excited to help with these types of activities in the past but then fell back into the day-to-day routine. Or, perhaps they don’t have the clear guidance or training they’d need to feel comfortable helping out.

How do we help our team overcome these barriers?

Create a marketing culture

Every interaction your team members have with patients is a marketing opportunity, an opportunity to build your practice’s brand. To create a new marketing culture in the practice, each team member needs to understand their role in the practice’s success.

A great way to get started is to schedule a marketing planning meeting once a month or once a quarter. During these meetings, you can help everyone understand how they can positively contribute to the practice’s success – which, in turn, positively impacts personal success.

Brainstorm with the team and get their ideas for social media, collecting reviews, and grassroots marketing. Make it a safe zone – all ideas are welcome. Give your team the chance and environment to be creative and you may be surprised by the ideas your team comes up with!

Create a list of marketing ideas to implement for the month or quarter. Ask for volunteers for specific tasks. Individuals will feel more ownership if they have a share in brainstorming and volunteering for the tasks they’re most excited about. Write it all down and include deadlines to help keep everyone accountable and on track.

Teach your team to look for marketing moments

We need to retrain our brains to look for “marketing moments” and then teach the team to look for them too.

So, what’s a “marketing moment?” Marketing moments are opportunities to talk about a special offer, take photos for social media, ask for reviews, share your referral program, etc.

We can’t just wait for these opportunities to pop up because chances are, we might miss them. Instead, we need to train the entire team to look for and plan for these marketing moments.

When team members are assigned a task, they’re responsible for looking for a moment to accomplish that task. A checklist can help retrain everyone to plan for and spot these opportunities.

When you and your team have the mindset to look for opportunities to take pictures, ask for reviews, and so on, it becomes part of the culture. It becomes almost second nature — and it gets easier over time!

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