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Recognizing your dental team with gratitude for their hard work over the year is quintessential to having a successful practice. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are great examples of appreciation days for the labor of love that goes into raising a family. Medical and dental professionals don’t stop at taking care of their families; they go above and beyond to take care of their patients, too. Dental professionals need to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work, because it’s not just a job, it’s patients’ lives they’re improving every day. So, whether you’re looking for some social media inspiration for your practice or just wanting to find a reason to celebrate our amazing industry, we’ve compiled some dental holidays to celebrate this year and every year.

National Dental Holidays


  • Medical Group Practice Week (4th Monday in January)


  • Children’s Dental Health Month
  • Gum Disease Awareness Month
  • Toothache Day (Feb 9th)
  • Tooth Fairy Day (Feb 28th)



  • Dental Hygienist Week (2nd Week in April)


  • Graduation Month
  • Root Canal Awareness Week (2nd Week in May)
  • Root Canal Day (2nd Wednesday of May)
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • National Receptionist’s Day (May 12th)


  • Dental Smiles Month
  • Dental Diversity Month


  • Write a Letter Appreciation Week (July 1st-7th)


  • Tooth Fairy Day (Aug 22nd)


  • Gum Care Month
  • Office Manager Appreciation Month



  • TMJ Awareness Month
  • Oral Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Brush Day (November 1st)


  • Hand Washing Awareness Month

Updated November 23rd, 2021
Originally published May 29th, 2018

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