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Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs Transforming Dentistry

Posted October 30, 2020

Tonya Lanthier, RDH

We’re closing out Dental Hygiene Month with a shout out to all the side-hustling “movers and shakers” transforming our industry with their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Keeping your clinical game going while building your dream business is not for the faint of heart. I know because I started DentalPost while temping with my newborn twin girls. There was no dental temping or job board at the time. So I started my own.

To those of you whose side hustle is in the dental industry, your hard work and contribution to the dental industry have not gone unnoticed. Not by me, anyway. Cheers to all of you hard-working dental professionals – and in particular, some of my favorite dental entrepreneurs who are working hard every day to transform our industry and our lives for the better, including: Debora Carrier of Twice as Nice, Rachel Wall of Inspired Hygiene, Martelle Coke of Brown Girl RDH, Caitlyn Rastetter of Dental Hygiene Nation, Whitney DiFoggio of Happy Teeth and Teeth Talk Girl, Anne Duffy of DeW Life Magazine, Jasmine Capra of Just Floss It, and Allison Cuevas of Brite Bite.

To those who want to work clinically and have a side hustle: Maybe you’re temping so you can have more control of your schedule. Maybe you have an idea you want to get started on, but 2020 has been tough. I am here to tell you that you can do it. I did. You can have both. DentalPost is all about providing you with options in your career – to be able to accomplish your goals whether it’s being a mom, being a part or full-time hygienist, or starting a side business. 

To those who don’t have that entrepreneurial drive and ambition, but are ambitious and driven in the dental office, make sure you are in a practice and with people who encourage your leadership within the practice and who don’t squash it out. You make a difference in your practice. There are office cultures out there who reward leadership and value what you bring to the table beyond just your hygiene skills. We can help you find them – don’t settle. 

Keep on moving and shaking and changing the world!

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