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Posted April 16, 2018

Business is hard, relationships are hard, getting and staying fit is hard, and life is hard… that is what makes it all so worthwhile! Anyone who knows me knows I have never run from hard… I run to it. For so many of us, these experiences – with all their ups and downs – are things we willingly go through in our pursuit of leaving a meaningful impact on this world. For me, that purpose is to connect and educate job seekers and employers through DentalPost to create wonderful places to work with teams that excel.

Through my work, I have always held fast to the belief that empowered women empower women. That’s why this weekend my team and I introduced the first-ever Dental Impact RDH Entrepreneur Women’s Summit, bringing together industry change-makers who want to improve lives in business, health, leadership and relationships, family and personal growth.

The summit was a convergence of industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the serene and scenic setting of Lake Rabun in the North Georgia mountains to experience a robust, three-day itinerary centered on reaching personal bests, and making new connections to expand our communities and lives. Between world-class speakers and thought leaders that included Fred Joyal, founder of 1-800-Dentist, Dr. Uche Phillip Odiatu, author of The Miracle of Health & Fit for the LOVE of IT!, April Bernal-Creek, founder of EHR Concepts, and renowned Leadership Performance Coach Alan Stein Jr., we bonded over shared experiences that made us learn, laugh and even sweat a bit through yoga, hiking and dance. Through it all, our group proved that we were not afraid to be uncomfortable, or to fail. The only fear among us was to sit idle, to not try, or to settle for average.

No matter what someone is trying to achieve in their world, personally or professionally, they are going to have to stand tall through the storm. The purpose of the Dental Impact group is to unify women entrepreneurs and empower them to live their best life. We are here to support women everywhere as they grow as individuals and business leaders.

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