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How to Build a Job Ad that Attracts your Culture

Posted May 12, 2016

Tonya Lanthier, RDH

dental-dentist-hygiene-front office-hygienistGoing through the recruiting process can be time consuming and exhausting. Starting with a solid job ad will help make the hiring process easier and attract the right culture and top talent. Here are 5 tips that can help you attract top talent to your job ad.

  1. Update your Job Description.

Before you begin writing your job ad, make sure you have an updated and accurate job description that outlines the full responsibilities and roles of the position. Having this description will help you incorporate the necessary skills and abilities needed into the job ad so candidates will fully understand what the job entails. Give as much information about the job as possible, you don’t want to leave the candidate with more questions about the job. Including specifics will help candidates decide if they are qualified for the job-ensuring you receive top-notch applicants. The job description is also the best place to incorporate your company culture and core values. Check out the example below on how to add your company culture to your job ad:

Are you someone who likes having fun at work? Do you value excellent customer service and patient care? Are you a team player? If you are, we are the place for you!

This job ad clearly spells out the office culture. Candidates who value these things will be eager to apply for the position, and will see an excellent culture fit!

  1. Include the Why.

As you write your job ad, ask yourself, Why is your office unique? Why would the candidate want to work for me? It’s very likely these candidates are reviewing many different job ads a day. Make sure yours stands out by including buzz words and action phrases. It is important to remember that you are selling your office and the open position. If you have a boring, non-descriptive job description, that is the type of candidate you will attract. Here’s a job ad gone bad:

Part time dental professional position open in a busy office. Please email resume and cover letter.

As you probably noticed in the example, this job ad is a little stale. It does not tell the candidate anything about the office. There is nothing exciting that will draw in talented job seekers. Instead, explain why the office is a great place to work. Your job ad should make them want to jump on board immediately!

  1. Tell the candidate something about your companys culture.

An outstanding office culture is key in the success of a dental practice. So don’t hide it, show it off in the job ad! Your job description needs to reflect your fantastic office culture. Establish a clear picture of what working for the company is like, so there are no secrets down the road. Below is an example of an exciting job ad that gives the candidate insight into the company culture.

Dynamic, full time, RDH position available in an outstanding practice located in GA. We are seeking a positive, hard working, intelligent, professional and highly motivated teamplayer with excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Yes, we are looking to add a rockstar to our top-notch team!

Our team is committed to excellence in all aspects of patient care and dentistry. We believe in the importance of patient relationships built on mutual respect, kindness and trust. If exceptional care and a healthy work culture appeals to you, we would love to meet you. Please contact us at CONTACT EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER.

See what we mean? This example is nothing like the boring job ad shown earlier. This one gives the candidate valuable information on the dental offices culture and workplace environment. It lays out all the values this dental office holds, and can attract candidates who also place importance on those values. This job ad also tells the applicant how to submit their resume. You should make your contact information easy to locate, it isn’t a scavenger hunt!

  1. Point out any special benefits and perks your office may offer.

Like I mentioned before, it is important to remember that you are selling your office too. So don’t be shy! Now is the time to pull out all the stops. Including pay can be helpful for attracting the most talented candidates. A top applicant likely knows they will be sought after, and therefore will look at benefits and pay when making a decision about where to apply.

  1. Utilize one of your most important tools, your current employees!

Once you have your job ad written, have some of your current employees read through it. There might be an aspect of the job you accidently overlooked. They will be able to provide important insight into everyday occurrences on the job. You could also include employee testimonials in your job ad. It does not have to be anything too long, just a few comments from recent hires in similar positions. Your employees will also appreciate being included in the hiring process. It will remind them that their opinion does matter!

Hiring can be tricky business. While it may seem time consuming, taking the time to create a strong job ad will help you receive applications from the most talented candidates. Utilizing these tips will help save you time and money!

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