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ID: 15210

Start-Up Opportunity!

Dallas Area, TX 76028

Posted May 22, 2024

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Paula Hill

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Front Office

Established in 1985, this general practice is located on a well-traveled road with many other businesses and neighborhoods. The patient base is 50% fee for service and 50% indemnity that allows the patient to use their insurance at any dental office. The practice is equipped with 3 operatories (plus 3 additional operatories that are plumbed but not equipped), 1 wall-mounted X-Ray unit, a Pano, a wall-mounted headplate device used for ortho patients, and mobile nitrous. This practice also offers an additional waiting area and is known for its home-town atmosphere where patient care and comfort is priority one. With the current owner working only about 20 hours per week, this is a fantastic opportunity for a new owner with a start-up mentality to equip the 3 additional operatories for easy expansion and growth! Lisitng #1921

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