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Posted October 11, 2016

Job interviews are stressful- I get that! There is a lot on the line and you want to make a good impression. We’ve all been there before. You practice questions, research the practice, but you’re still anxious on the way to the interview. Take a deep breath (or 10) and try and relax. Both you and the practice want you to succeed. Keeping that in mind will help you relax and get through the interview with a clear head.

Here are some helpful hints to make the interview process less stressful for you!

  1. Look up the practice online before going in for the interview. What are their reviews like? Are there complaints about poor customer service? Rude dentist? Or are they focused on the wonderful family atmosphere and how the practice is always very timely and efficient? Remember- this is your potential dental tribe, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get an idea of who they are before you even enter the office.
  2. Think about what you are looking for in a dental family. Knowing yourself and how you work best is going to be key here. Check out DentalPost’s DISC personality test to learn more about yourself.
  3. Take a look around. The office is going to tell you a lot about the dentist or business. Does the front office meet you with a smile? Does she or he look happy to be there? Sometimes we want a certain job so badly we do not pay attention to the small details that can tell you a lot of information.
  4. Be polite! Make conversation with the front desk. Who knows, the person in charge of hiring might ask their opinion on you. Make sure they have something nice to tell them.
  5. Ask about their core values. Are they a tight-knit family group? How does the dentist communicate with their staff? How does the practice support work/life balance? If they can’t come up with any core values, that’s a huge red flag!
  6. Is the place clean and looking organized? Making these observations early can help you maneuver the conversation to a win-win. You might have great organizational skills and this is where you can offer that to them on a silver platter.
  7. Does the doctor have a huge ego? When you walk into their office do you see every award from grade school on their wall?
  8. Be yourself. If the job description says they are looking for an extrovert to add to their talkative team, and you are a very shy introvert who works best in quiet settings, don’t try and hide that. In the end, if you are hired, you could end up being very unhappy and leaving that practice. Which is a lose-lose for both parties.
  9. Ask when you should expect to hear from them again. This is your career we are talking about! You don’t want weeks to go by without you hearing anything from them. This also lets them know you are serious about your career and this position.
  10. Follow-up with a thank-you note. They took time out of their day to interview you, and you should let them know you are appreciative of that.

Relax- you’ve got this! Go out there confident and show them how you can be an asset for their office!