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General Front Office Staff Member overview

Between August 2021 and September 2021, DentalPost surveyed more than 13,000 dental professionals, including dental practice front office team members. We received input from all key “front office” team roles, including Dental Practice Managers/Administrators, Dental Billing Specialists, and General Front Office Staff Members.

Following are highlights and takeaways for General Front Office Staff Members.


Dental front office workers who did not identify as dental practice managers/administrators or as billing specialists, are the primary employees answering dental practice phones and scheduling patients, but they also perform a wide range of other duties, including financial record keeping, office cleaning, IT computer support, and practice marketing.
35% of the “general” front office staff respondents told us they also do dental assisting.
A third of survey respondents in this category indicated they planned to apply for one or more new jobs within a year. Do they feel underpaid and expendable? Open comments suggest a good number do.

General Front Office Staff Member audience demographics

DentalPost’s 2021 survey respondents who identified as front office staff members “other than office managers and billing specialists” were:

  • 98% female
  • 36% sole income providers
  • 3.5% have AADOM distinction

Racial and ethnic diversity was the same for both billing specialists and those who identified as other front office staff members.

Years of experience

  • Over 80% have more than 4 years of experience.
  • Just over 40% have 20 or more years of experience.


Nearly half of the respondents said they work 36+ hours a week. 

62% reported they are “satisfied” with the hours they work.


Front office staff members perform many duties. Primarily they answer the phone and schedule patients, present treatment fees, process in-office collections and insurance claims, and clean areas of the office. Many also do AR and AP accounting, train employees, provide IT computer support, do dental assisting, and do practice marketing.

  • 57% reported they are performing extra duties since the pandemic started, and 19.5% said they were being compensated for these extra duties.
  • 35% of dental front office staff members do dental assisting.

*Other includes insurance verification, supply procurement, patient and staff scheduling, equipment repair, and collections.

Side gigs

One in five front office staff members work a second job. Just over 75% of them are employed outside of dentistry. The others work more than one dental job.


Nearly 88% of the respondents in the other front office staff members category are paid an hourly rate. The following chart shows the average annual income of those who work more than 30 hours a week by years of experience.

The reported hourly rates of all front office staff members range from $11.00 to $39.00. The median hourly rate is $28.00 (50% of respondents make this amount or more), and the average hourly rate is $21.60.

Last pay increase

Just over 67% received a raise in the last two years. Despite this, only 26% are satisfied with their income.

Years with current employer

Just over 58% have been with their current employer for less than 4 years. This relatively high percentage may be the result of layoffs during phase one of the Covid19 pandemic.

Job applications

Nearly 39% applied for a new job in the last year.

Nearly 32% plan to apply for a new job within the next year.

Comments indicate that seeking higher pay is the top motivation for looking for a new job. Some respondents commented that they feel unappreciated and even expendable.

Retirement plans

Nearly 42% plan to retire within the next decade, 6% within the next 2 years.

Want to know about bonuses & benefits?

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