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Dental Front Office Salary Report

DentalPost’s annual dental salary survey report covers pay, benefits, work conditions and more for dental practice managers, dental billing specialists and front office positions. The most extensive dental industry survey of its kind, this report features comprehensive data based on responses from 15,000 dental professionals.

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Front office receptionists & associates

Pay and job satisfaction improved

More than 51% received a pay raise and 40% reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with total compensation – a 14% increase in pay satisfaction over last year.

39% plan to seek a new job

Despite increases in income and improved satisfaction with their pay and job, a whopping 39% reported plans to seek new employment this year – including some considering leaving the dental industry altogether.

Dental billing specialist

Full-time incomes increased

Average total income of full-time billing specialists increased 9.5%, with a median income of $47,000.

Private practice raises nearly 2x higher than corporate

Billing specialists’ pay increased an average of 14.5% in private practices, compared with an 8% increase in corporate practices.

Dental practice manager

Private practice pay is more competitive

The average income of practice managers/administrators working in private practices increased by 8.5%, compared with just 1% in corporate practices.

A positive culture is a top motivator

Beyond a desire for better pay, practice managers cited a “more positive work environment” and “gratitude” as top reasons for seeking new career opportunities.