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Dental Hygienist Salary Report

DentalPost’s annual dental salary survey report covers pay, benefits, work conditions and more for registered dental hygienists. The most extensive dental industry survey of its kind, this report features comprehensive data based on responses from 15,000 dental professionals.

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Pay and job satisfaction improved

Income satisfaction grew by nearly 18%, with a whopping 61.5% of respondents saying they felt “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their total income.

More than 31% considering a job change

Despite rising incomes, 13% of respondents are actively looking for a new job, while another 18.5% are considering applying for a new job this year.

Retirement rates outpace dental hygiene school output

Compounding the ongoing dental labor shortage, RDH talent is aging and retiring faster than the output of new graduates from dental hygiene programs. In the next six years, nearly 30% of the combined full- and part-time RDH workforce plans to retire.