What is the Average Dental Front Office Manager’s Salary?

DentalPost takes a look at the average salary of a Dental Front Office Staff Manager.

Suppose you’re looking for a future career involving being part of dental front office staff, like with other professions. In that case, the potential salary you can earn is a factor worthy of consideration. Pay is a decisive factor in job selection, just like the other benefits offered, such as a chance for promotion, company stability, and many more.

Earning a sizable salary means you’re in an enviable position to provide for and support your family and, in general, live a better life. And who wouldn’t want financial stability and stable living? Almost nobody!

Often when you’re not earning enough as an employee, you cannot adequately take care of your financial obligations, and thus you may find your career path frustrating and burdensome. That is why you should know the potential average salary of your future job in advance to decide whether to continue pursuing a particular career or opt for a better-paying alternative.

Dental Front Office Manager’s Salary

A dental front office manager’s income usually depends on a combination of different factors. The factors may involve office training and education level, dental experience, and years of experience.

In America, a dental front office manager earns around $31 per hour or an average of $64,000 per year. But if you’re a supervisor in the top 10%, the average pay annually is more than $87,000. In contrast, a dental assistant belonging in the bottom 10% earns below $47,000 yearly.

Some of the states paying the highest salaries for dental front desk managers include New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. Find a dental practice to work for in these states, and you can earn a good salary.

Skills Needed By Front Office Team Members

The front desk coordinator and front desk receptionist need to possess an array of valuable skills to enable a productive and successful workplace. These skills may include customer service skills, making and receiving phone calls, using x-rays, excellent communication skills, dental assisting, and patient care skills.

It is helpful if the front desk team members have skills in dental procedures. By comprehending dental procedures, you can become beneficial in various ways, including:

• With the right communication skills, it becomes possible to work diligently with different patients to understand dental procedures and assist in calming and easing worries.
• Preparation and reviewing of treatment procedures, treatment agreement and reassure patients of the benefits and effectiveness of treatment procedures.

A dental front office job seeker must also have basic skills for working harmoniously with health insurance companies.

There is a need for a front desk receptionist to work with insurance vendors and companies to assure family dental patient obligations and appropriate reimbursements. The office assistant can also help in contacting insurance companies about any unclear issues.

Solid comprehension of treatment procedures for patients is also a big plus when in a dental front office job-seeking situation. Understanding the treatment plan comes in handy for achieving a better explanation about what it entails to a patient.

Knowing the treatment plan when working in the dental practice helps the dental assistant for an easy handoff for patient presentations and working out financial arrangements.

Sample Job Description

Part-time and full-time job descriptions for front office team members may involve:

• Maintaining an up-to-date procedure list and appropriate rate schedules.
• Overseeing the storage of patients’ records physically and digitally to comply with available health guidelines.
• Ensuring the safety and privacy of patients’ records as per the applicable laws and regulations.
• Participating in the hiring, training, and managing of people who want to be part of the front desk team.
• Reporting inventory issues with patients to the senior management or hygienist.

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