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What Does a Dental Front Office Staff Member Do?

DentalPost takes a look at what are the duties and responsibilities of a Dental Front Office Staff Member.

Being a front office team member is one of the best careers out there. The dental practice is both rewarding and challenging, and it is always growing as the dental field is always improving. Team members work together to ensure patients receive the best dental care possible and that their oral health improves.

Whether it is full-time or not, working in a dental front office means you truly are the face of the dental practice. A new patient will see and speak to the front office team as soon as they get to the front desk, even before they meet their DDS or DDM. This means that it is of great importance to have excellent communication skills and customer service skills.

Working as an Office Manager

An office manager supervises the whole front office team, motivating them and keeping them on track and focused. This is a job that comes with a great deal of responsibility, so a manager should always be prepared for anything. A manager must be professional, patient, organized, and eager to jump in and help at all times.

Dental office managers will typically assist in payroll and training new employees, along with other day-to-day tasks such as scheduling and managing billing. They will make sure the office is always stocked with office supplies and any dental supplies necessary. A manager is a natural problem solver and will stop at nothing to ensure that every patient is completely satisfied with their experience at the dentist.

Other Roles in the Office

The front desk receptionist handles various tasks around the office that help make the work of a dentist easier. For example, they take many phone calls during the day, schedule appointments, and always keep charts up to date. If a patient is given a new treatment plan, they are the ones who make sure it is updated in their chart so that everyone is on the same page.

A dental receptionist, front desk coordinator, or office assistant does more than simply sit at the office front desk. They also handle test results like X-rays, they file insurance forms, and they make sure billing is accurate and kept up to date. Receptionists make sure everything is in order for both the dentist and the patient.

The office staff, under the supervision of a dedicated manager, keeps the dental office running smoothly. They make sure everything is organized and up to date, ensuring the efficiency of all day-to-day processes, and they make it easier for dentists to do their job.

The Importance of Patient Care

Working in the front of a dental office means that you are the one providing important information, updates, and sometimes even comfort to patients. Many people have a fear of dentists, regardless of whether they are an adult or a child. A dental receptionist working at the front desk can help change their perception and give them a better opinion of the dentist.

As someone working in a dental front office, when you notice a patient who seems nervous and anxious about the dentist, you can offer them hope and help them realize that the dentist is nothing to be afraid of. You are the one who can explain how beneficial their visit will be and how it will all be worth it in the end when they know their oral health is a priority and that they are truly being taken care of and cared for.

This fear is most often seen in children who don’t want strange people going into their mouths with all kinds of different tools and lights. They need to know that this is not a scary place at all, but a place full of people who want to take care of their teeth and help them feel more confident. Staff working in the front office can do that by talking to them on their level and ensuring that they are in a happy and caring environment.

COVID-19 Adjustments

COVID-19 has presented new challenges for dentist offices everywhere. Extra precautions are taken, such as patient screening, social distancing, and wearing a face-covering. Toys and magazines are removed from waiting rooms where the number of patients waiting is kept to a minimum.

Front office staff should ask patients about any concerning symptoms before they come in for an appointment. It’s recommended that patients wait in their car until the dentist is ready to see them, and someone will call them in. This helps ensure the safety of the dental staff and other patients, especially those considered high-risk.

Office team members should wear masks at all times while working in the office. Hand washing will be one of the top priorities to maintain cleanliness and help stop the spread of the virus. Office staff will make safety their priority while still making sure their patients’ oral health is taken care of to the best of their ability.

Looking for a Job?

Any jobseeker hoping to join a dental team in any capacity can find so many job postings online. Still, it is essential to read over job descriptions carefully and know precisely what you’re looking for. You can find a part-time or full-time position, so your job can work around your schedule and your personal needs. A dental front office job offers excellent benefits, like health insurance, paid time off, and a 401K that helps your work life and personal life.

Experience Required

It would be beneficial for potential employees to have dental experience of some sort. This could be as a dental assistant, dental front desk hygienist, a dental office manager, a front desk manager, an office assistant, another office manager, or some other dental assisting experience. If you have worked in an orthodontics office or family dental care as a dental assistant or in another role, you would be a great addition to a new team helping dentists with a DDS or DDM.

Team members in a dental office often have years of experience and plenty of office training. They have excellent communication skills, and they know how to make sure patients are happy and satisfied with their experience at the dentist. They know their job helps make a difference, which keeps them coming back day after day.

Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work, we would love for you to join a terrific dental team and use your skills to provide the best patient care possible. You will be the one showing patients that they are in a safe place and making sure their experience is a positive one. Dental offices can’t run efficiently without great staff who care about what they do.

It takes an entire team to complete the work and prioritize patient satisfaction, safety, and oral health. Working for a dental practice means that you are doing work that makes a difference and helps to improve lives. Go ahead and apply today so you can start your career in a field that truly puts patients first, no matter what.

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