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Posted March 18, 2019

In the past, we’ve covered questions to ask in your dental job interview that will give you more insight into the position or practice and further help your job decision. Interviewers typically expect these kinds of questions, and are prepared to answer them. But what happens when you throw a curveball and ask something they’ve never heard before? Not only does it give you unique and valuable insight into the practice at large, but it will also ensure that the interviewer remembers YOUR interview. Without further ado, here are 3 unique job interview questions that are sure to “wow” your interviewer!

1. What type of people are/aren’t successful at this practice?

This is a fully transparent way of finding out if you and your skills would be a good fit at this practice. It also gives you a chance to see what skills the interviewer admires and respects in current employees so you can further illuminate these traits throughout the rest of your conversation.

2. How do you evaluate success here?

If this question isn’t answered after #1, it’s worth asking for clarification. What are necessary “checkpoints” I should look out for if I’m hired? How and how often are performance reviews conducted? It’s important to establish these processes ahead of time to ensure they align with your style of constructive feedback.

3. How do you help your team grow professionally?

This one is crucial. In an industry that is constantly changing because of new and evolving technologies, it’s imperative to continuously learn and grow. Ideally, you want to look for a practice that supports and encourages continued education outside of the basic requirements, whether that be through courses, seminars, etc. Does this practice have steps implemented to help their employees grow, and if they do, what does that look like?

Acing Your Job Interview

Asking these questions will not only give you valuable information that could be the driving force behind your career decision, but it can also help you stand out among other potential candidates. In your next interview, try asking these, and watch your interviewer’s jaw hit the floor!

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