Introducing DentalPost Rewards

Introducing DentalPost Rewards

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How does it work?


Every time you purchase a job posting or resume search, you will automatically earn points.


As you earn points, you will reach new status levels and earn points faster. Your status is valid from the day it was earned until Dec 31 of the following year.


Spend your points to redeem valuable rewards, such as a free job posting or resume search. Your points never expire, so you can save them up and use them whenever you are ready.

0-2,999 points3,000 - 9,999 points10,000 - 30,000 points30,000+ points
Earn 9 points per $1Earn 10 points per $1Earn 11 points per $1Earn 12 points per $1

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn points?

When you make a purchase using or the DentalPost mobile app, you will earn points based on the retail price of the product you purchase and your current status level.

For example, let's say you purchase a Dental Assistant basic job posting and you currently have a Silver status. The retail price for that product is $99, and Silver status means you earn 10 points per $1. So you will earn 990 points for that purchase.

How do I spend points to redeem rewards?

To spend your points to redeem rewards, start creating a job posting or resume search as you normally would. When you reach the screen on which you see the prices, you will be able to "switch to points." When you switch to points, the prices will no longer be shown in dollars. Instead you will see how many points it would cost to redeem each product as a reward.

If you have switched to points and you select a product, then your Points Available will be deducted by that many points and you will get the product for free.

When I spend points to redeem rewards, will I lose my progress towards the next status level?

As you make purchases on DentalPost, you will earn points that you may redeem for rewards and you will earn points towards the next status level. These two point values are separate. Therefore, when you use your points to redeem them for rewards, your "Points Available" will decrease but your "Status Points" will remain the same. Feel free to spend your points on rewards without fear of losing your progress towards the next status level.

Will my status points rollover?

To be eligible for rollover points, you must have spent at least $333.34 on DentalPost within the previous calendar year. If you have not reached that spending amount by December 31, you will not be eligible for rollover points. However, if you do reach that spending amount before December 31, then any points that you earned above your status level will rollover to give you a head start for your status points in the following year.

For example, if you spent $458 and earned 4,247 points in 2019, then you met the minimum spending requirement and you reached Silver status (3,000 points). However, you did not reach Gold status (10,000 points) in 2019. Therefore, your "remaining" 1,247 points from 2019 will rollover to give you a head start towards your status in 2020.

Do points expire?

The points available to redeem for rewards will never expire. However, on January 1st each year the points you've earned towards for your status level will reset to zero (unless you have rollover points).

If I buy in bulk, will I earn points?

Any customer who works with our sales team to purchase job postings in bulk is not eligible to earn rewards points. However, we work hard to provide a great value for our high-volume customers, call our sales team to find out if buying in bulk is right for you.