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Dental Hygienist Job in Benicia, CA 94510
(Job ID: 315775)



Benicia, CA 94510



Jan 07, 2021




Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri


#315775 ACTIVE


VISION The Hygienist is the mastermind of the office’s continuing care program. The Hygienist will work within the parameters set by the doctor and will develop a hygiene program for our patients that strives to help them understand and become proficient at practicing preventive dentistry. This means not only understanding periodontal disease and treating it effectively, but also taking diagnostic x-rays as necessary, and providing essential education regarding oral hygiene and overall dental health. It is essential that we help each patient learn something new at each continuing care appointment. The Hygienist serves as “co-therapist” in navigating a patient’s plan for long term, complete care. The goal is to work synergistically with the dentist and the team to make sure that every patient receives the best hygiene, restorative, and cosmetic care possible. The number one responsibility of all employees is patient care and meeting patient needs. This guide outlines responsibilities that must be accomplished daily, weekly, and monthly. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES • Have a passion for excellence in the area of dental hygiene, and the skills to treat periodontal disease effectively while at the same time making the appointment comfortable for the patient • Relationship-building skills with both staff and patients • Influencing skills to direct patients to better oral health • Knowledge of practice management software as it pertains to hygiene, treatment planning, and the ability to convey information to the front office accurately and in ways that will help them motivate the patient for excellent dental care • Teamwork and leadership skills • Ability to market the practice • Excellent verbal skills with patients and staff • Overall understanding of office philosophy and systems • Excellent organizational skills and effectively minimizing patient time to get as much done as possible • Teaching skills in regard to x-ray, computer, and other areas that are important to the hygiene department • Excellent hand-eye coordination skills • A keen knowledge of hygiene and sterilization concepts • A full understanding of existing and emerging technologies that support ideal care • Overall understanding of prosthetics, cosmetic and functional dentistry concepts, and the ability to help patients understand why they need to have this work done KEY GOALS/BENCHMARKS OF ROLE (Using the Spear Practice Solutions Analytics Platform, where applicable) • Daily, monthly, and yearly office and hygiene production goals achieved • 90% Scheduled Recare Efficiency • Maintain the agreed upon level of case acceptance percentage • Support of the overall goals and strategies per the practice’s Annual Plan RESPONSIBILITIES Job Specific • Seat the patient and have the proper setup ready for the procedure. • Review and update the patient’s medical history, motivators, and concerns including blood pressure and enter in the computer capturing the patient’s signature. • Check the patient’s progress and record the results on the patient’s chart including previous incomplete treatment plans, oral cancer exam, TMJ exam, occlusal classification, comprehensive periodontal exam and diagnosis. • Take digital radiographs including vertical and horizontal bitewings, periapicals, full-mouth series as well as film panoramic, bitewings, periapicals or occlusals as needed. • Take intraoral photographs to complete records and aid in treatment planning. • Scale, polish, and apply fluoride. • Root planing as appropriate treatment choice. • Maintain the appearance, disinfection, and function of the hygiene treatment room, sterilization area, instruments, and trays. • Sterilize, oil and sharpen the hygiene instruments, hand piece, and any doctor instruments. • Continuously participate in CE to advance clinical/technology skills. Practice Management • Educate the patient as to the quality of their dental health during treatment. • Instruct patient in tooth brushing technique, flossing technique, aids and proxy brush, perio aids, disclosing methods, electric toothbrushes and waterjets, oral rinses, anti-caries products, and nutrition. • Assist the doctor when examining the hygiene patients by informing the doctor about the patient’s case with all pertinent information gathered as well as pending or rejected treatment and long-term plans, recording new treatment plans, and notes of all pertinent discussions of treatment recommendations and options given. • Make sure the patient’s record is complete and all services for the day’s treatment are recorded. Return the paper chart to the front desk before dismissing the patient. • Enter detailed and accurate notes with all the pertinent discussions of treatment recommendations, options, and timeline plans noted in the computer in a joint effort with the doctor when necessary. • Maintain a full schedule. • Maintain continuing care supplies and literature. • Market the practice to patients internally and externally. • Prepare for patients by reviewing their case to discuss at morning huddle and bring doctor up to speed at their appointment. • Schedule patient for next hygiene appointment and record reason for return. • Communicate referral and medical consult information to other offices and patients and follow up on progress of referrals and medical consultation. • Complete Daily 5 checklist for your role each day. • Complete all assigned tasks in the Action Center of the Spear Practice Solutions Analytics Platform. Teamwork/Cross-Training • Assist the doctor in the clinical treatment of patients as time permits. • Assist the other clinical staff members as time permits. • Assist with the Continuing Care system as time permits and help to fill no-shows. • Hand-off the patient to the doctor and to the front desk. EQUIPMENT USED Includes but is not limited to: • Intraoral camera • iTero digital 3D impression • X-rays • Ultrasonic • Blood pressure • Patient education system LEADERSHIP/SELF-DIRECTION RESPONSIBILITY It is expected that the Hygienist will perform any function asked of them knowing that they will never be asked to do anything that is illegal, immoral, or unethical. We stand by the vision of the organization to provide an atmosphere of continuous learning and of mutual support where everyone bands together as a team to provide the utmost in care to our patients while honoring each other.