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Dental Hygienist Job in Charlotte, NC 28226
(Job ID: 331206)



Charlotte, NC 28226



May 04, 2021




Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri


#331206 ACTIVE


Employment type: part time (Tuesday-Friday) Position: Dental Hygienist We are hiring our newest team member to join us! We are looking for someone who is: ~Super friendly-everyone hates the dentist ~Can multitask...and we mean REALLY multitask. All day every day. No excuses. ~Humble...there’s a TON to learn. We’ll teach you. ~A hustler...we work hard! ~Ownership...Make it your baby!! ~Good computer spend a lot of time on the computer. ~Excellent phone REALLY matters. ~Able to laugh and joke...we do it all day . ~Understands what TEAM means....we are one of the best dental teams in Charlotte. ~OSHA- disinfection control Freak! We love a clean office. The whole Team helps clean the office on Fridays. You should not be above any cleaning duties. ~Excellent scaling skills and time management. Staying on top of the schedule while removing all bugs is very important. We do not have a waiting time in this office. ~Able to handle stress...not going to sugar coat it...there are very stressful days sometimes ~Self motivated to learn and grow to your best potential. We like seeing that and will recognize it. ~Punctual...missing or being late to morning huddle because you stopped and got coffee can throw the whole day off. Just be there on time. ~Attention to detail...details also REALLY, REALLY matter. In accounts, in charts, with insurance. It ALL matters. ~Able to work a flexible schedule. We wish it was set in stone, but with Covid, we have had to learn to be VERY flexible so that we can continue to take care of our patients AND keep everyone employed. Our Doctor has a flexible schedule to allow to take care for her kids. When she is not here, you will not be here either. If she takes vacation, you take vacation. Her schedule is usually 9:30-3:30 no lunch, but it changes in the summer. It will be Tuesday- Friday. ~Able to wear a N95 mask ALL DAY LONG. We encourage breaks but you MUST be outside the building and social distancing. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy. We set a very high standard and hold everyone accountable. (We will provide masks) *Notice that no where above does it mention that you need experience in a dental office to apply for this job. But you MUST meet every requirement. What we don’t want is someone who already knows everything and likes to do it the way they did it at their old office or school. That won’t work. If you’d like to bring your rockstar skills to our office, we’d be delighted to have you join our team and help make the dental world a better place. We use Dentrix Software, are a family owned small practice (super awesome docs...just ask their team and pts) and we think customer service is really important. We do almost all specialities in house- Endo, OS, ortho, sleep medicine, TMJ, cosmetic, implants. Yup, our docs do it all. Respond to this ad with your favorite restaurant/food in your response. It’s the attention to detail we are looking for. And we talk about food a lot. We even love eating together and sharing a meal (pre Covid) Then tell us how you meet the above requirements. We will need 2 non family references as well. We welcome new graduates!