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Dental Hygienist Job in Atlanta, GA 30309
(Job ID: 385601)



Atlanta, GA 30309



Sep 02, 2022




Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri


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Pure Dental Health/Pure Dental Health


We are hiring a DENTAL HYGIENIST! At Pure Dental Health we are about changing lives for the better. Great teeth change lives! Our practice is unique in a way that we do a lot more than the average dental practice. Dr. Scott performs IV sedation, does Full Arch Implants, orthodontics, root canals… you name it.. He probably does it. We even have our very own cutting edge digital dental lab in our office. We’re not talking about CEREC…We’re talking of full arch zirconia to titanium restorations. We specialize in fearful patients and seeing patients other offices won’t see. We are passionate about changing the lives of those patients who can’t go out in public to eat because they are afraid their teeth might fall out. The patients that have given up on love because they are just so embarrassed of their smile. The patients that had a bad experience in the past and are afraid to visit the dentist and have waited too long. The ones that are finally ready to make a change. Giving these people lives back is challenging, exciting and rewarding. We are passionate about this level of service! Even though the procedures we perform are life changing, we still have a major issue in dentistry. We can give someone a fresh start but maintenance is always critical to prevent us from winding up back in the same spot. We see dental hygienists not just as teeth cleaners but as personal trainers for oral healthcare. Dental hygienists change lives when they connect with patients, build trust, and teach them how to prevent dental disease. Most of what we deal with on a daily basis is totally preventable. That’s why oral hygiene instructions are so important. We don’t want to simply clean someone’s teeth, because without good homecare and consistent hygiene visits we know that they will be back in the same place in short order. Patient’s always ask how long their work will last. My answer is, as long as a house. A house only lasts as long as you take care of it. There are some houses that have been around for a long time but those are cared for and properly maintained. One unique aspect of working with us is we have a full support team. What does that mean? That means we don’t need you to deal with answering the phones (we have a call center so they don’t ring in our office). You don’t need to do insurance verification, filing, appeals because we have a virtual billing and insurance team that supports us and handles that. This allows us to be able to focus 100% of our time, effort and energy on taking care of our patients. Our hygienists are assisted, which means that our full time hygienists have someone that prepares the schedule for them. They set up the rooms, take photos and x-rays, and prepare the patient for their experience with the hygienist. We like for our hygienist’s focus to be only on doing hygiene. Our hygienists follow the guidelines set by the American Academy of Periodontology and perform periodontal probing on every patient. We don’t want you doing bloody prophy’s because the patient insurance covers it. We want you to diagnose according to the standards in the literature. We see a lot of new patients so periodontal disease is the norm not the exception. With patience, support, and connection we can help these patients stabilize their condition and prevent further degradation. Pure Dental Health’s Core Values At Pure Dental Health we believe in making decisions through the lens of our core values. Because of this, we pride ourselves on upholding these values in everything we do: 1. We must provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service 2. We must be a great place to work 3. We must be 100% Reliable 4. Patient’s 1st 5. If you don’t know, figure it out We all share these core values and so will the next member of the team we bring on. A day in the life of a dental hygienist at Pure Dental Health On any given day at Pure Dental Health you can expect the following: Arriving prior to 7:00 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. (we start at 11:00 am on Wednesday and Thursday) Working with a driven, brilliant and motivated team. Managing the care of patients who are mostly single and live/work in the area. Not a lot of families in the city like many suburban offices. We don’t see a lot of children. We do, however, have a lot of patients that travel quite a distance to have major dental work or IV sedation. Working in an office that gives flexibility, autonomy, and that celebrates diversity. Treating every patient like they are a member of our own family that we are inviting into our home. Excitedly seeing 12-15 patients each day (90 minutes are given per each new patient and 60 minutes for recall appointment). Create a comfortable and welcoming clinical environment for new and returning patients. Performing procedures using open dental software. Diagnosing and educating to align patient needs with patient wants resulting in appropriate treatment acceptance Consistently supporting Doctor-led treatment recommendations for patients completing auxiliary procedures such as night guard impressions/scans, sealants, and fluoride treatments. You will be seeing a lot of orthodontic and implant patients. This role is for you if... You love working in a fast pace environment You thrive by quickly developing rapport You enjoy direct and open communication You love working with patients from all walks of life You can’t live without clear systems and protocols You absolutely love changing patient’s lives in a noticeable way You have a passion for clinical care that drives you You enjoy learning new skills, procedures, and technology, and constantly improving your quality of care You are able to manage time effectively Work well on a team rather than individually You look forward to assisting and training others to highlight potential You enjoy establishing relationships with new and returning patients You are driven by results, solutions, and impact You believe in recommending to patients the same thing that you would recommend to your own family You strive to always give a personal experience and let patients know that you truly care. If you love working in a state of the art, high tech environment. This role is not for you if… If being a hygienist is more of a job than a career If you want to work at a slow pace If you don’t feel comfortable treating periodontal disease If you aren’t a team player If you are opposed to assisted hygiene. You are uncomfortable learning new technology and procedures You like to take your time and avoid moving quickly If you don’t feel comfortable telling someone the truth What Winning Looks Like We support you in winning by reviewing metrics related to production, periodontal and general treatment acceptance, patient satisfaction (reviews) as well as providing educational support and training to set you up to succeed! Your dental scope for procedures broadens with fluidity. Your patient relationships deepen resulting in quality referrals. Serving your recommendations in a manner that is accepted then executed. Deal-breakers If you don’t consistently do what you say you are going to do. If you aren’t able to be on time and if you don’t consistently follow through. If you don’t connect with your team and are not personable. If you don’t feel comfortable always leading by example If you aren’t 100% reliable If you aren’t the type of person that is always learning and growing. What’s Next? Still want to join our team? Great! If you have have an active license, enjoy working with driven team members and are looking to make a difference in the community, apply today! We take culture very seriously, and because of that, when it’s right, it’s right. If after reading the full job description you are thinking, “this sounds PERFECT for me, then we want to get to know you. When you join the team here at Pure Dental Health. You can expect everyday to be a fun adventure that you get to experience with a driven group of really cool people. We strive to be a great place to work and we hope you will too. To apply for this position email your updated resume to [sign in to DentalPost to see current contact info]. If we think you’re a great fit we will reach out to you within the next few days to set up a phone interview. We can’t wait to meet you!

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