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Dental Assistant Job in Sugar Land, TX 77498
(Job ID: 423670)



Sugar Land, TX 77498



Feb 06, 2024






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We are looking for an enthusiastic and awesome team player for our small office. Please read carefully before you apply. Registered Dental Assistant performs a variety of dental assisting duties while promoting quality dental care for our patients and a safe environment of minimal stress. Assists doctors/hygienists, teaches the patients how to care for their teeth, communicates effectively with patients (parents if patient is a child), maintains equipment and inventory, and follows universal precautions and all OSHA requirements. Some of the following procedures and duties require an active license or certification. All licenses and certifications must be in good standing and sufficient training must be received before any of these “licensed” duties are performed including current dental assistant license and CPR. Essential Duties 1.Prepare for patients in advance by reviewing medical history, treatment plan and chart notes to know what will be done and how to set up for each patient. 2.Prepare procedure set ups (trays) in advance. 3.Clean and disinfect treatment rooms. Place protective barriers. Bring patient setups, trays and tubs and prepare for appointments. 4.Seat patients and prepare them for the doctors or hygienists. 5.Make sure that patients signed needed consents and received Post-Operative Instructions (POI). 6.Explain dental procedures and hand out information about dental procedures. 7. Interview patients to find out chief compliant, history of pain or problem, dental goals and medical history. 8.Assist doctors during procedures utilizing four-handed delivery method. 9. Assist hygienists during procedures as needed. 10.Mix liners, bases, cements, and restorative materials. 11. Take alginate impressions (must be licensed). 12.Take putty/PVS impressions for bleaching trays and appliances (must be licensed). 13.Take X-rays (must be licensed). 14.Remove temporary cement (must be licensed). 15.Remove temporary crowns (must be licensed). 16.Make and cement temporary crowns (must be licensed). 17.Place Sedative Fillings (must be licensed). 18.Perform Coronal Polish on children and adults as needed. 19.Apply Fluoride Varnish and Fluoride Trays. 20.Give OHI to patients and parents of pediatric patients. 21.Perform chairside teeth whitening (must be licensed). 22.Pour up and trim stone models and diagnostic casts. 23.Make bleaching trays. 24.Make clear retainers. 25.Perform intra-oral exams and chart existing dental conditions on new patients. 26.Use intra-oral camera to take pictures of dental defects and problems. 27.Take before and after pictures for Invisalign and various cosmetic procedures. 28.Clean and soak patientand#39;s dentures during hygiene appointments. 29.Utilize Universal Precautions when treating patients or doing lab work. 30.Post completed procedures and treatment plans. 31. Make thorough procedure notes to document exam findings, doctor’s treatment plan, patient’s chief complaint and treatment goals, materials used, and steps taken during every procedure. 32.Make patients feel comfortable and offer comfort items as needed. 33. Hand out brushes, toys and medicine to patients as needed. 34.Escort the patient to the front at the end of the appointment and advise the front office on what to be done or scheduled for next. 35.Prepare Lab Cases. Fill out Lab Slips. 36.Send and Receive Lab Cases. 37.Follow use and maintenance instructions using all dental equipment and supplies. 38.Keep all instruments and equipment clean, organized and ready for use. 39.Sterilize instruments between patients. 40. Perform all equipment and facility maintenance procedures regularly according to the schedule and guidelines. 41.Restock supplies in each location. 42.Report diminished supplies and products to the Owner as soon as discovered. 43.Report broken or malfunctioning equipment to the Owner as soon as discovered. 44.Process hazardous waste according to guidelines. 45. Order dental and miscellaneous supplies as needed. 46. Clean chairs and dental furniture periodically. 47.Keep back office and common areas clean and organized. 48.Replace soap. mouthwash, toiler paper, napkins and other toiletries. 49.Clean out trash from the back office and keep the back office clean and organized. 50. Keep all dental and utility supply closets and storage areas organized. 51.Make calls to schedule pending treatments for the dentist. 52. Can take ITERO scan efficiently. In some cases more then one team member may be responsible for the above responsibilities. Working together in a team is essential to make sure that all jobs get done timely and without wasteful duplication of effort.

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