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Dental Front Office/Manager Job in Sanger, TX 76266
(Job ID: 347130)



Sanger, TX 76266



Sep 25, 2021




Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri


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Looking to add a dental insurance coordinator to our busy growing office. Any management experience is a plus but not required. Please call the office or send your resume for consideration! The Insurance/Collections Coordinator assists patients with insurance benefits and communicates with insurance companies regarding claims. Works with patients to resolve financial challenges and maintains a healthy aging accounts receivable. The Dental Office Manager will provide leadership related to the business of our Dental Center. This position will work with Dr. Neal Bhatt to ensure the strategies and business model are mutually aligned with the other specialties within Healthcare. This position will assume fiscal responsibility of Dental business operations: handling PPO Insurance plans from verification to claims, overseeing patient collections, ensuring adequate staffing to meet the daily schedule, treatment plan presentation, coordination and success with all patients, overseeing staff responsibilities, educating and answering patient questions, maintaining personal excellence and a positive attitude that leads to practice growth, and executing doctor’s vision. DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES: Plan and manage dental business operations to ensure excellent patient support services. Oversee daily office activities and provide direction and guidance to staff as needed. Ensure that patient appointments, cancellations and last-minute adjustments are handled properly. Respond efficiently to patient and doctor needs and inquires. Ensure the delivery of quality dental care to patients. Respond to patient queries and issues and ensure patient satisfaction. Resolve patient issues in accordance with company polies and procedures, healthcare regulations and dental board standards. Organize and present payment schedules with patients. Manage specialist referral process. Train, develop and manage staff to meet performance standards. Develop promotional programs to attract more patients. Assist in employee performance evaluation, promotion, termination, and retention activities. Follow and enforce office policies and regulations. Review and approve vacations, sick leave and personal leave for dental staff. Identify areas of improvements and concerns and implement appropriate corrective actions. Oversee staff scheduling as to ensure full coverage. Organize and oversee supply purchases, equipment upgrades and operation expenses. Write business correspondence and reports. Run and analyze management reports. Maintain patient data according to regulations and company policies. Ensure that records are stored securely and in compliance with privacy and security regulations. Adhere to all HIPAA regulations. Take responsibility for the appearance and functionality of the dental office. All other duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS: Dental Assistant certification preferred. Must have 3-5 years of recent and relevant experience working in the Dental field, preferably management. Purpose The purpose of a dental office manager is to assist all staff in any way possible to become more efficient, productive, and competent, thus helping to create a profitable practice that delivers excellent service to patients. Office managers must maintain a high level of competence and integrity that is not only witnessed, but mirrored by all staff. The office manager, along with the practice owner, sets the bar for competence and integrity. If employees find themselves working for someone whose competence and integrity is lower than their own, they will eventually jump ship. How can they work for someone they don’t respect? Office manager mission statement 1. To help create an efficient and profitable practice that is well known in the community for excellent service to its patients. 2. To help create a harmonious work environment. 3. To ensure that quality patient care guides all decision-making. Two critical systems These two systems are critical to keep a practice from running into trouble. An office manager needs to be aware of these and adept at using them. 1. The office manager needs to establish and maintain a monthly budget to exercise control over the operating expenses, such as supplies, equipment, payroll, and more. The term “budget” is often misconstrued to mean “can’t spend money.” According to the Oxford Concise English Dictionary, budget means, “The amount of money needed or available. Estimate of revenue or income and expenditure made by a company, family, private individual, etc.” 2. The office manager needs to create job description manuals that are customized for every position in the practice. The purpose of this is to provide written procedures that are specific to each position in the office. Having written policies and procedures gives an office manager an effective means of training and correcting staff by referring to established protocols that have been approved by the owner. It is not efficient to correct something an employee has been doing wrong without having a written policy or procedure to provide reference and direction. Without that piece of paper, it can become very tense and often results in bad morale. This is one of the main reasons owners and office managers seldom confront and deal with employees until they’ve reached the point of firing them. Many good and capable staff have quit or been fired unnecessarily. The reverse is also true—many negative and nonproductive staff members have remained when they should not have been allowed to stay. To save everyone a lot of headaches, get your “how to” policies in writing and keep them up to date. Code of conduct People who work together require guidelines. The purpose of such guidelines is to improve staff relationships and enhance production. Guidelines should be enforced in a constructive manner. It is important to clearly define and make these guidelines available in writing so staff can become familiar with what is expected. As a result, disciplinary action becomes predictable and not based on opinions or bias. Violation of acceptable conduct may result in a verbal or written warning and possible discharge. To arrive at the proper action, consider the seriousness of the violation, the past record of the employee, the circumstances surrounding the matter, and the consequences that resulted from the violation. Although it’s impossible to identify every violation in a code of conduct, here is a partial list of violations that may result in warnings or discharge: 1. Ineffective use of work time 2. Failure to maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, management, and patients 3. Gossiping 4. Divulging confidential information 5. Negligence or deliberate inattention to patient care 6. Frequent and unexcused absence or tardiness 7. Creating a disturbance in the workplace 8. Reporting to work in an unfit condition 9. Theft Keep the doctor focused It’s best for the practice owner not to spend a lot of time on managing the practice. Instead, the practice owner should focus on servicing as many patients as possible with the best possible care. The office manager should stay focused on helping patients, not on the money. The money will come if the focus of the practice is on helping as many people as possible by improving the quality of their lives through excellent dentistry and communication. If you follow this guidelines you will be a successful addition to our team at North Texas Family Dental